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Note about a review of Minecraft, and no, he doesn't get it. [11 Oct 2010|02:41pm]
I saw a review of minecraft that claimed that he got the point of it. He was under the impression that the overriding point of the game was that as evil little humans, we could not get along with our environment, and that we needed to destroy mother nature in order to live the way we wanted to.




That is like saying the point of Super Mario Bros. is that Princess Peach did not really want to be rescued.

Dude, it is a game. The point of a game is to have fun playing the game. The point of Tetris was not to force the diverse shapes conform to a single lines because conformity helps society work better. The point was to have fun solving the puzzle.

Minecraft is about gathering resources, and doing with them what you will, but that isn't the point. The point is to have fun. Sure, there are certain things that will help you meet your demise. For example, you could not not create any weapons, and therefore be unable to defend yourself when night falls, and all the skeletons, zombies, and creepers come by to say hello. You could forget that TNT is not your friend after you light the fuse.

But to be sure, no one will be impressed by your little wooden hut and small wheat farm you created with your bare hands in order to have the minimum impact on your environment. You could probably also arrange for a creeper to give you a hug next to enough stone that perhaps you could create an oven to bake bread in.

Or maybe you could get to work and build up enough defense to get yourself out of this self destructive mindset long enough to have some fun, you jackwagon!


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Minecraft - sucked in again. [30 Sep 2010|02:36pm]
Minecraft. In all reality, this is a pretty stupid simple game. You farm something - you get something. You use the somethings to craft something else. You build with the something elses to create other things.

The graphics...Stupid. Really simple blocks made of set colors to make the job of having radiant sources of light go much easier.

The gameplay, mind numbing. Want to mine stone? Hit it with a (wood, stone, iron, etc.) pick until it gives you a unit of stone. Want to cut wood? Hit it with a (wood, stone, iron, etc.) axe or your bare hand until you get a unit of wood. Want to get pork steaks? Hit a pig with whatever you got until it dies and drops pork steaks. Better cook those in the oven though.

And yet, several of my friends have that funny look in their eye. You know the one. The one that they got when they started playing Everquest, and then EVE, and then World of Warcraft. You have seen this look before. The fanatical one. Then they ask me this question, "Have you seen this game?"

So yeah, I downloaded it, and played with it, then immediately got boned when night fell. So I then read up on it, found the right combination of things, didn't like where I was and deleted and tried again.

Last night, I put it on peaceful mode, because I was tired of being shot at for standing around in the dark and not having found coal for torches. And I finally found several really cool things all at once.

I found my first internal waterfall. Followed by finding my first big void. Managed to find a vein of coal, and had enough torches to light my way into the caves. I found my way down the mountain, into a second internal waterfall and a patch of lava. Wow. NOW I get it. To mark my way, I used torches and stairs so I can easily make my way back up without jumping. I built a tunnel up into the mainland and made a quick stairway out of my mine.

Yeah, that's right. MY mine. Each time you start a new game, it recreates the world. The mine you found in the last game is not the same as this one. This one is my mine.

Although now I am thinking that I need to make a new world, put it on normal difficulty, make myself a hut to protect myself, and then do my exploration one mountain at a time.

I have a plan, but random resource and monster generators laugh at plans.

Perhaps we shall see who will have the last laugh.
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This means WAR! [25 Sep 2010|12:48am]
OK, so maybe it doesn't actually mean WAR. But one of the local morning DJs found that someone was blogging negatively about one of the stupid antics on the show in a national forum. That kind of thing is to be expected, and not something that I would get up on my soapbox about. The person in question could got enough facts straight that people who are aware of the show know what she is talking about. She also managed to get enough facts wrong to be dangerous. Here is the story. There are links there to point to her bio, and the list of podcast segments of the show that feature the segment known as "drive-by whorings".

First off, she says that these DJ's are "encouraging" their listeners to pull off one of these stunts. Nothing could be further from the truth. They pull these stunts on the air with sound effects so that they can fill out the show. Normally, I think I would be the first to say that this kind of stunt is immature asshattery, but they admit, and they say a disclaimer at the beginning of each segment that this was something one of the KPNT DJs did as a TEENAGER to a girlfriend that cheated on them or one of their friends. He had to drive by this person's house every day to go anywhere. To get that awful crushing teenage angst out he would scream "Whore!" at the top of his lungs as he went by the house. OK, yeah, this is immature asshattery, but as a guy who has been cheated on at least once, and a guy who has been a teen...I get it. It is a kind of primal catharsis to get those feelings out and MOVE ON with your life.

However, the way Julie Gerstein portrays this, it is a St. Louis thing that their listeners go out and do because they are "the sexually frustrated, entitled guy, who lusts after women he can't have." Suddenly, instead of being immature asshattery, this has now become a misogynistic attack against all women.

Julie, first off I call into question your professional journalism for presenting that article without doing a thorough fact check. In fact you were more or less just kind of spouting off in order to push your own agenda. Presenting your article without representing the bare minimum facts in your particular audience was a lot like yelling, "Fire!" in a crowded movie house.

Let's face, there are much more mature ways to handle cheating, but you seem to leave out the fact that the women that are being called whores were DOING THE CHEATING. They are not the wronged party here. Let's point out that there are still countries in the world where this kind of behavior gets you stoned, and I don't mean that they give you free marijuana. Given that, a little name calling seems like a bit of a cake walk.

I took another look at that article, and apparently this website celebrates cheating! I hate to tell you, but this kind of thing doesn't really HELP women's causes. If you want to make other people take the higher ground, you should probably start from higher ground yourself.
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Dragon Con Report - Well, not really [10 Sep 2010|11:35pm]
I had an opportunity to go to Dragon Con. I thought it would be a really cool, relaxing time to get my geek on and see how conventions are run in other towns, and spread the word about yadda yadda yadda.

Needless to say I was not emotionally prepared for what I was about to recieve. Let's start with me getting off the airplane, walking up and getting onto the Marta to taking me where I was going. The Marta, is pretty cool. Where us folks in St. Louis have to punch a ticket to get a ride on the Metrolink, on the Marta you just wave a ticket at the blue button and off you go. It must read the magnetic strip or the RFID tag in the ticket to let them know to let you in. But if you don't know this, the Marta people were tickled pink to show you how to do it. No really, every one treated me nicely, and not like an idiot who has never seen an El before.

I arrive at the con to see a line of people extending into the hotel and running down the street and around a corner. I am thinking, "Oh shit, this must be registration." NO, not really, this was the line to see the Cinematic Titanic by MST3K. Still, a pretty reasonable fear. Found out where registration is, got in line, and then realized that someone may already have my badge, and I should not bother. Called the person I was supposed to meet. She was not in town yet, stuck in traffic, and why was I asking her questions? OK, um, I can't talk to anyone until I get a badge, and I can't get a badge until I make my connections, and I can't make my connections until my contact gets into town. So I stand around take in the sights, and my feet start to let me know that this is a bad idea. Sigh.

Finally make our connection, get our room, get everything straightened out, and now WE NEED TO EAT, or someone is going to get hurt. I start taking in calories, protein and alcohol, and pretty soon, my mood changes, and I am diving in and taking shots of groups in costume.

That is the one thing about Dragon Con. Not that a group shows up with a costume theme. Lots of groups show up with costume themes. The one that caught my eye at dinner was a group of twenty somethings doing Mortal Kombat. There were all kinds of groups with themes. Anime themes, gaming themes, movies, I mean, all kinds. There were lots of costumes there.

There were also people taking pictures of costumes there. I was guilty of this. I joined in, taking shots of X-men groups and batman groups, and almost a costumes, and so forth. But as the weekend wore on, more people showed up, some without badges. And more people stopping folks in costume to take their picture, and at some point there was a problem.

Dragon Con had around 30,000 registered this year. We were in one of the main hotels, so somewhere around 10,000 people or so were meandering around the three floors of programming activity going from one place to another, staring at merchandise/displays/costumes and generally getting in each other's way. At several points during the con, I got done with people. You see at Cons in my home town, there is someone that I know that I can talk to. At something like this, I didn't have anyone to talk to. I didn't have a program to see what was going on, so the only thing I had to do was shop, or meander in the limbo that was the main programming areas. That and eat. By Sunday night, I had caught a cold from either a roomie, or one of the bazillion people I had contact with.

By Monday, I was done, and was damn near beligerant about it. My feet hurt. My head hurt. My throat hurt. I was hungry, and the car still needed to get loaded, once it was located. It was not my best emotional space, and oh yes, that was also the day I turned a fairly unnoteworthy 43. (No, seriously. There is nothing special about turning 43. It is not divisible by 10, there is no reference to 43 in literature that I am aware of, and it is not a noteworthy 13, 15, 18, 21, 25, or 65.) I wanted to pull people off of the elevator that I saw get ONTO the elevator and ride it upwards so that they could ride downwards. Given our pole position, that was about the only way to move our stuff elsewhere.

OK, the one thing that was pretty cool was DCTV. The bumpers and small videos of things were pretty cool, well put together, and fun to watch. This also meant that they got to broadcast the masquerade into the rooms. Which means, if you did not realize, those of us at Archon are a spoiled bunch. OUr masquerade beats D*C's HANDS DOWN. NO QUESTION. Our turn out is better, and we don't have to bribe people with prizes. And we have one Vic Milan, not two clowns who script their jokes in advance. Archon also wouldn't have someone's (daughter, granddaughter, neice?) out on the stage doing random crap. No, really. Random. Crap.

Archon has (and I cannot emphasize this enough) a stage crew that can move people, and large costumes on and off the stage in a rapid fashion. It may not seem fast to the audience, but trust me, it is true. The backstage crew for Archon Rocks. Sheila Lehnkmann(sp?) also rocks for pulling everyone together to make the masquerade work like a Swiss Watch.

So in short, I learned that Dragon Con is way too many people for me. Is way understaffed for the numbers that they attract (don't think that there is a good excuse for this, people will do a lot for a free badge, and with those numbers, they should be able to absorb the cost. If they can't there is something wrong.), especially in the Masquerade and Security department. If I do this again, I will go with a game plan, and program book in hand, and friends of my own that I can put in a hotel room together so we can go party together.
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Ties and Trials [24 Aug 2010|09:46pm]
Well, after a long hiatus of not doing much with my talent with rope, I have found a couple of things that have made me want to re-examine my knotty abilities.

In short, I am back in a mood to tie again. I have been out of it for a while, and kinda out of practice. I have been working on a couple of things that I have tied over and over, and feel confident I can do it on demand, providing I have A) the model, and B) the rope. A couple of things that I have been working on have been bras and panties. So, I will make you a deal. If you provide the rope, and your time (Possibly an hour for both pieces), I will let you keep the bra and panties. The panties will require about 50' of rope greater than 3/8", preferably 1/2" Much larger than 1/2" and you have issues making the turns. The bra will probably take 2 pieces of 50' rope, similar diameters, especially for the better endowed ladies.

Would prefer that the rope NOT be clothesline. If you come with manila hemp that has not been conditioned (Ie, not been boiled to remove the anti-rot chemicals, washed and dried, then hit with a flame to remove unnecessary fuzzy strands), then it is on you. After the piece has been made, I guess it could be put through the washer and dryer (put it in a pillow case first though, just in case) without being untied, and then it could be wearable. Just wanted to warn you in advance.

If interested, reply to this post or let me know. My end goal is to be able to eventually be able to sell one or two of these at cons or festivals for the novelty/notoriety. Although, they probably would not be very street legal.

And, just to be clear, this is strictly a barter type situation. You come in with rope, you go out with rope. I will just make the rope change shapes in between. If you like my work and want to help me practice some other techniques, then rock on with your bad self. ;)
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The Horn Campaign [01 Aug 2010|08:43pm]
I just came home from driving out from a nearby town to pick up ice cream. On the way back I found not one, not two but three people in a five minute span driving spuriously. Do you know what they all three had in common? They were all on their cell phone.

This needs to stop.

We have tried ad campaigns telling people that this is dangerous. We have put people in jail. We have passed new stricter laws to apply to this situation. None of these are working.

So may I suggest a new plan. The next time you see someone on the street driving while on the phone, HONK AT THEM. Honk while you are behind them. Honk while you are next to them. Honk while you pass them.

This will do one of two things, possibly three.

The first is that it will alert other drivers, and hopefully the person on the phone, that there is a potentially dangerous situation happening.

The second it will alert the person on the other end of that cell phone that there is a potentially dangerous situation happening, and maybe that person can talk some sense into the person driving while on the cell phone.

The third thing that will probably happen, is that it will annoy the offending driver so much that they cannot hear themselves think, much less talk to someone on the phone. In that case they will hang up. In which case, the dangerous situation is no longer present, and the honking can cease.

If you like this idea, feel free to cross post it. If enough people start honking some sense into people, maybe the cell phone madness can end.
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Mickey Mouse Head Count Roll Count: Laboring for Mad Scientist [25 Jun 2010|12:28am]
OK, I think we are going to try to do this on Saturday morning. I think earlier would be better to beat the heat. I would like to shoot for 10 am, at the cookie, but will take counter proposals.

So, if you want to do this, please respond to his note, asap, so that I can get a head count so we can do this thing. Also post another time if this will not work for you. If enough willing participants give me an alternate time, we will use that time instead.

OK, all, let's go!
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Mad Scientist needs help. [21 Jun 2010|08:27am]
The Mad Scientist next door to the Mint Cookie needs assistance and is willing to pay hale and hearty folk who can help him move some timbers from the front of his house to some other where that he has determined.

If there are any hale, hearty, and unemployed enough to help me help him with this project it would be most appreciated! He wants to get this done by week end or over the weekend.

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The state of the house: A/C [18 Jun 2010|11:23pm]
I was hoping after blowing a considerable amount of cash on the A/C situation (IE New A/C NEW furnace) that after a night of cooling down, the house would be....well, cooler. The current temperature outside the house according to is 83 degrees. the current temperature inside the house is 83 degrees. Granted, the job was not done until 4pm today, so it only had 7 hours to cool down, and 83 is much more manageable temperature to deal with than say the 91 it was inside the house earlier. My point, and I do have one, is that it doesn't seem to be much of an improvement. I can't help but think that I am leaking air somewhere. Just checked the airflow outside, and the air being blown from the unit I would think would be hotter than what I am seeing. Looks like I will be giving the guy a call in the AM to see if he wants to check out the unit to see if it lost freon. Grr.

I was looking forward to a cool house, too.
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What do you mean No 4th Spidey? [13 Jan 2010|08:06am]
It looks like there will be no Spiderman 4. Apparently there were script problems that Tobey McGuire and Sam Raimi could not get around. To which part of me goes WTF?

You mean they presented those two with a script perceptably worse than the previous one and expected them to go for it? This is Sam "Gimme some sugar, baby" Raimi. The last film had Tobey tripping the light fantastic to piss off his g/f. The last movie featured three villains for extra toyeticness (meaning the toy companies wanted MORE Spidey toys than just a single villain). And Sam said, no, this script is worse.

Well, it could be that this project was potentially interfering with the WOW movie which is why Tobey wanted out. Sam may have had to turn down other scripts to get this project to work, and maybe he figured three was enough. In either case, Damn, I was kinda looking forward to a new Spidey flick, but I guess I will wind up seeing Thor instead.
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Putting to bed the old year [01 Jan 2010|10:42am]
2009 has been a pretty interesting year, and I mean that in the Chinese Fortune cookie definition of "interesting". We have each had an auto accident. One of us has a new(er) car. I had my older car towed away, and they want me to pay for the privilege. I told them to keep the car. I have a house. It however, the basement is definitely wet, and the heating/cooling all needs to be redone, including the ducts. And the electrical that is tube and knob all needs to be replaced with Romex. The storm windows were removed and shuffled so I no longer know what window goes where, or why they removed them in the first place. Having said that, the existing windows need some serious help. I got a profound nosebleed for Xmas weekend that was apparently my high blood pressure wake up call. The last Dr. I visited had a check box for are you stressed with a one inch line to explain why.

One inch line? Really? I got two pages of why I am stressed in single spaced lines. In Arial Narrow. Let's start with the form only has a one inch line to explain the stress.

So, yeah, I think we can all agree that while not all of 2009 was bad, it is going to be nice to put it behind us. WAY behind us.
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This is why KeenSpot has a restraining order on me. [23 Oct 2009|02:47pm]
Sometimes, my brain leaves me a gift. This is one of those times. Here is hoping I can return it.

v1: Why did you do that?

v2: Well, I couldn't just let her burn like that.

v1: Yeah, but couldn't you have like used your hands or something?

v2: Dude, she was on fire. That would have just burned both of us.

v1: Yeah, but why did you do that?

v2: Well, the only alternative was to pour a big pot of fresh, hot coffee on her. That would have been no good. Besides, I heard you two talk about me.

v1: Oh no. What did you overhear?

v2: Let's just say that I am the bigger man.

v1: One: She is a woman. Two, urinating on her does not make you a bigger man.

v2: Well... it did put the fire out.

v1: Wait. Did you light her on fire?
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On a more serious note...Uverse IS bad for Business [15 Oct 2009|02:22pm]
ATT has been marketing Uverse as a way for a business to get a lot of bandwidth on the cheap. Usually, this is a non-issue/no-brainer for business. After all, who would not want a bunch of bandwidth on the cheap, whether you are a business or not.

The implementation for home is for the most part, pretty dull. You plug the Uverse box in to the various plugs, plug your internet devices into a port on the box, or an attached switch, and you are pretty much done. You can configure your router to route to the right machine, and away you go. For home this is a pretty sweet deal, and gives you some alternative methods of putting a machine hosting web pages out there if you spring for static IP addresses.

Business networks are a little more complicated than that, and this is where Uverse falls on its backside. The rest of this gets a little technical, so your eyes can glaze over right about now and skip the rest of the article, or just post a comment or something.

Normally, a router will offer something called NAT or Network Address Translation that will take allow you to map an IP address doing some external IP business like SMTP, FTP, Web hosting, etc. and allow you to point it to an internal IP address. This is a pretty cool deal in that users on the inside can still access the machine and do what they need to with it, while on the outside. You combine this with Port Forwarding, which takes an unused external IP address and allows you to point anything coming in on that IP and point any traffic for a specific service to the machine handling that service. This allows you to have separate servers running FTP, HTTP, SMTP, and say LDAP to have the same external IP address, even though they reside in totally different boxes internally.

Uverse does not map machines according to IP address, it maps according to MAC address. A MAC address is a unique number that is associated with the network card that is accessing the network. On a home network, this is usually a non-issue. However for a business that is used to mapping by IP, and used to having NAT we now have a problem. The Uverse router will either put a machine on the inside, or the outside, but no virtual machines doing both. In order to do anything like that, you have to use the built-in DHCP to assign the IP address (internal OR external). The only IP address that can do port forwarding, is the gateway, or the router itself. This strikes me as a kind of a security risk, and a real good example of ATT engineers (or salesman, or some other white shirt) falling down on the job.

Why is this a security risk? Because now anyone who can figure out if an IP address is in the Uverse network has to do a little less work probing the network. That www host on the Uverse network may actually be a server in the DMZ, or it is a port forwarded by the router itself. If the latter, they can portscan that particular IP and see if there are any vulnerabilities that the Uverse routers have, or WILL have, that they can take advantage of.

Why is this falling down on the job? This isn't what this product was designed for, but an update to the firmware could have made this router ready for prime time for business. Adding some better NAT, Port Forwarding, and Virtual IP addresses wouldn't require a substantial change to the hardware, but would make it a lot more functional for a business implementation.
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Steampunk: Bad for Sci Fi? [07 Oct 2009|06:23pm]
Before the flame wars begin, let me get my definitions of these things out so we can all get on the same page. I am also screening comments so the random flamers will be dissuaded. Not that I won't take opposing view points, but I wanted to get that bit of administrivia out of the way.

I think Steampunk is bad for Science Fiction. Science Fiction has a job to do, and Steampunk gets right in the way. Science Fiction is supposed to take what we already know and ask, "What if?" For example, what if we COULD go to the moon? What if we could predict a society's reaction to normal stimuli? What if we could read minds? What if I could fly? Some of these are dreams and fantasies, but some are questions that can be answered by science. Some of these questions are ones that could be answered by science eventually. Some of these questions have already been answered by science.

Steampunk tries to answer the question, what if we had some things that we see today in modern society, but instead had them 150 years ago, powered by STEAM? Uh. Yeah.

This isn't really going to answer any questions at all then, is it. We already have a submarine, thank you very much. We also have automobiles, record players, automatic weapons, etc. The only reason that this is a sub genre of science fiction is because it requires an alternate universe where these kinds of things were developed. If it wasn't for that this would probably considered historical fiction or romance, depending on who is writing and whose bodice is getting ripped.

One of the things that steampunk IS good for is the Arts. Sculptures of improbable machines, art works consisting of gear driven robots, dirigibles and horse drawn carriages, and fancy schmancy articles of clothing that only the most distinctive adventurer would wear on their safari of the wild west or deepest Africa. There is all kinds of activity going on in these sectors creating artifacts, art, and costumes for this time period.

So in a way, I am kind of torn. Steampunk as a long term literary genre would seem to be bad for science fiction, but it seems to encourage research into what was going on at that time period which is good for history, and also gets people interested in making art, which is good for creativity.

So what is your take on it? Serious input required.
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Greeting Ms. Widow and her kids. [28 Sep 2009|03:44pm]
[ mood | Creeped OUT. ]

At work, someone discovered a black widow holding on to her egg sack. It was pretty cool. A small, shiny, black spider no bigger than my thumbnail holding on to her egg sack with a visible red mark on her belly. Just like you see on the books.

Well being mostly boys here at the office it was decided that no matter how maternal a moment this was, this was not an appropriate place to share space. An implement of destruction was found and the duty was done.

"Whack!" went the implement of destruction.

"squish", went the little spider.

"FREEDOM", went the dozens if not hundreds of little black widows scurrying in all directions.

I didn't hear the voice of freedom at first, but I gotta tell you, it was creepy. There were so many, I just thought that they were little eggs rolling like ball bearings on the sidewalk. Then they kept rolling, and then I could just barely make out their itty bitty legs. Once I realized what they were I stepped back and shuddered.

So yeah, my next move was to look up images of brown recluses so I can identify the spiders in My house.

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Marvel and Disney, why I think it is a bad idea. [31 Aug 2009|10:15pm]
I remember when Marvel first introduced its stock. After a month, the stock price fell to almost as much as a comic cost at the time, about $3.50. Not exactly an auspicious beginning. In the last few years though, Marvel has been doing pretty well. The X-men franchise seemed pretty lucrative, the Spiderman franchise was not only lucrative but some damn fine movie making on a lot of levels, and with the advent of Iron man, the newer Incredible Hulk, and the teasing of SHIELD coming out in a couple of years, it seems like they were working on a pretty sizable juggernaut of their very own. There are some things I have to ask myself. With their movies, and follow up merchandizing, etc. seeming to do so well, why do they think they a) have to sell out, and b) sell out to Disney? Did I miss something?

Marvel used to be about selling comics... however, given that they have broken into Hollywood in a very large way, this may not be as much about the comics any more. This seems to be about the machine that Marvel Entertainment Group has become. So I still have to ask, where is this going? What does Disney get out of this, and what does Marvel get out of this?

I can see Disney being a big winner in this one. They get access to all the Marvel characters, their likenesses, etc. They can use those names in their theme parks. Pretty soon, you too can take a ride on Spidey's Web Swinger, Magneto's Magnetron, and the Incredible Hulk's Wild Ride.

What I don't see is what Marvel is going to get out of this, besides a fat pay check for those that sold them out. I can see their story lines about identity politics being sanitized and watered down over a five year period. I mean Disney has been making money feeding us ugly stories with milk toast and cinnamon sugar. What am I talking about? In the original Cinderella, the step sisters maim themselves so their feet can fit in the shoe. In the original Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket doesn't last into the fourth chapter, let alone live to be 103. And let's not even start in with Tarzan. Disney spoon feeds us these older classic stories. What do you think Disney is going to do with Wolverine? Those aren't weapons coming out of his hands, they are butter knives, he uses them to butter his bread in the morning. Storm, well she is pretty cool, because you know she is an African Princess who can make it rain whenever she wants. Storm is so good at this, that she can make rainbows wherever she goes. Nightcrawler, well we don't like to talk about him, I mean, after all, he is named after a worm. Jubilee though, yeah, Disney would be all over a super heroine who can make fireworks where ever she goes. Animating that would be fun, right?

One of the things that made Marvel so hot was that at one point they let the authors do whatever they wanted, as long as it sold comics. As a result, you get things like Frank Miller's Wolverine comic, and Alan Moore's take on the Swamp Thing. (This stuff coincides with his V for Vendetta and his Watchmen stuff, kids, and is well worth reading.) That freedom gave us some fantastic art. And although Disney has shown that they can work well with someone like Pixar, I would be nervous to work with them as an artist. I would worry that my original vision may die in committee.

But maybe my vision of working for Marvel is more than a little pie in the sky. I still can't help but to fear the mouse more than a little on this one. Oh well, I am more of a DC fan than Marvel anyway. :)
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OMG!! ONOZ!! OK, get it out of your system [07 Jul 2009|09:27pm]
Just so you know kukla_tko42 has had an accident. SHE IS OK. From what I understand, an addled old man armed with a Sedan plowed into her truck. They had to use the jaws of life, but her truck mostly sacrificed herself to keep the kukla safe. She is safe and is reading to me in bed.

She is, however, very bruised, and needs her rest. She may want guests during her recuperation.

There will, however be a memorial service for her truck, as soon as we get the check.
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Happy Birthday Mr. Ogre! [01 Jul 2009|11:50am]
Give the big wookie a hug today.
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e-mail ettiquette: the other side [12 Jun 2009|12:28pm]
I just got done doing some compiling of various e-mail addresses for a group of insurance agents. Although some of them do NOT fall into any of these catagories, the surprising large number of "businesspeople" who are using some really bad business practices when it comes to their e-mail. If you see your insurance agent using these practices, feel free to run far away as if your hair is on fire.

Number Uno: Using as your domain one of the big, well-known, free e-mail services. You know, anything like Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, GMail, etc. I think for a person establishing a business, it may be worth the 8-25 bucks a year to establish your own domain so you look a little professional. If you use GoDaddy, you don't even need your own servers, you can just get your e-mail off the web just like you would Yahoo, or Hotmail.

Number Dos: Using as your e-mail user something that refers to a hobby, or outside interest. Gamers, don't use your "" address for BUSINESS. Moms, don't try to use your "" for BUSINESS. Hunters, don't use your "" address for BUSINESS. Porn stars, you can actually use your "" address because it IS for BUSINESS, but don't try to sell life insurance using that address.

Number Tres: Don't get TOO personal in your e-mail address. It is bad for business, but may be great for people who steal identities. For example, don't use your phone as an e-mail address. Sure it will get to your phone, but then what. I actually saw someone have as their e-mail address That is just asking for trouble. You also shouldn't use birth years, zip codes, anything like that. It just feeds the identity thieves, and we shouldn't be doing that.

Number Quattro: Don't get too IMPERSONAL either. People don't want to have to remember something that they cannot relate to. They don't want to have to remember that they talked to They may remember John, but 448? not so much.

But yes, if you see anyone try to sell you anything of life/death importance, using an e-mail like that, RUN AWAY. Run away fast.
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ode to back pain [01 Jun 2009|03:06am]
Oh ow. Owtf ow.
What did I do to deserve this wretched wrench?

It was not even trying to do anything heroic and yet ow.

Oh ow.

Let me try to find a comfy position, but no. Alas and a lack of comfort.

Perhaps I should see a doctor and get the good drugs.
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